Bargain Unicorn Brushes

I’m not sure what it is about them, but from ever since I was little, I’ve always loved unicorns. Now, I’m not a fan of some of the tacky stuff that they have in the shops lately, for example…


Sorry Primark!

But as a full time unicorn lover, I’m pretty happy that unicorn merch is all over the highstreet right now!

When I first saw the unicorn horn brushes by the brand Unicorn Lashes, I fell in love at first sight and thought I had to have them. Then, my eyes fell to the price and unfortunately, they were just too expensive for poor, penniless me.


Unicorn Lashes £45

Heartbroken, I thought there must be somewhere that I could get some cheaper, knock off version. So, I went to one of my favourite shopping sites on the internet, Amazon, and searched away. Lo and behold, I came across quite a few sets of these cheap unicorn horn brushes and because I’m a huge cheapskate, I added the lowest price set to my basket.


There were also a set of smaller, eyeshadow brushes available, and kindly, my lovely boyfriend offered to buy them for me! Unfortunately the two separate sets that were purchased are no longer available on Amazon 😦

However, this set are the same type as the two I purchased and the price is fabulous!


Amazon £6.98 (£1 delivery)

Yeh, I’ll admit they’re not the most brilliant brushes, they’re no where near real technique standard… and they aren’t pearlescent and don’t come in that brilliant holographic case… but for the price, they’re pretty darn good and so far, mine haven’t shed a single hair!

Who wouldn’t want a bit of that unicorn, rainbowy goodness?!


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