Love For The Bodysuit

When bodysuits started to become popular in stores, my initial response was ‘what on earth are those!’

They reminded me of my leotard that I had to wear for gymnastics as a kid, which caused multiple hissy fits at how uncomfortable it was! I honestly thought I would never buy one, however, here I am now, writing a declaration of love towards to them.

I own more than several bodysuits, and I’m sure that my collection will grow. One of my pet hates is when you tuck a top into your jeans and 1) You can see the bottom of the top bulking up under your jeans. 2) Every time you go to the toilet you have to re-tuck the bugger in, and 3) If it’s a little on the shorter side, every time you sit down or bend over, the back of it pops out from being tucked in!

Rant over… anyways, I picked up my first body suit around a year ago and I’ll never go back! Surprisingly, they’re extremely comfortable, plus, they’re really versatile. You can pair them with any type of bottom half; and when it comes to going the loo, simply un-pop the poppers, do your business, re-pop the crotch and you’re good to go. So say goodbye to having to check in the mirror for material bulges!

If you’re yet to try a bodysuit, you seriously need to go and buy yourself one! Here are X of my favourite types of bodysuits:

The Long Sleeve


Miss Selfridge £14

The Velvet



The Cami


Pretty Little Thing £6

The Lace Up


Missguided £20

The Plunge



The Bardot


boohoo £12

The Mesh


New Look £12.99

The High Neck


Forever 21 £11

The Choker



The Embellished


Missguided £22


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