DIY Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans have been in fashion for quite a while now, and I’ve been after a pair of ripped mom jeans for AGES. There are so many pairs of them available in shops, but I just can’t seem to find that perfect pair. And, when I do come across a pair that I really love, they’re never in my size!

I was in Primark the other day when I spotted a pair of ripped mom jeans. As soon as I saw them, a choir of angels sang and rays of light shone out from them. The price (which was £15) was also pretty darn good! But, as I started to trawl through the hangers, looking for my size, my heart slowly sank as I realised there were no size 8 jeans left.

I was pretty gutted, but I also thought that it must have been a sign not to get them. After a good wander around, I came to the denim section and saw that they had a few racks of sale items. I came across a pair of light acid wash mom jeans and an ingenious idea sprung to my mind – I’ll buy some plain jeans and rip them up myself.

A lot of ripped jeans that I’ve been considering buying have been anywhere between £15 all the way to £30 – why do we pay more for jeans that have holes in?! Anyways, these mom jeans that I found in Primark’s sale section were only FIVE POUNDS, bargain.

Plus, by doing them myself, I get to decide where and how I want the rips. Putting rips and holes into jeans is a lot more simple than it looks, and I’m going to show you exactly how I created my own ripped mom jeans.

What You’ll Need


  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Chalk
  • Jeans of choice
  • Magazine

Step One

Lay out your jeans on a flat surface and mark out with chalk where you want to create the rips.


Step Two

Before going in with the scissors, fold a magazine in half and stick it up one of the legs. This will protect the back of the jeans from getting any accidental cuts.

Step Three

I used scissors, but you can also use a stanley knife (box cutter) to create horizontal cuts on the area that you marked out with chalk. Repeat this on the rest of the areas that you want to create rips and remember to put the magazine between the two layers of denim.


Step Four

With your tweezers, begin to pull out the vertical strands of denim. This part can be a little time consuming and frustrating so make sure that you’re in a patient mood!



Step Five

This step is completely optional, but for me, rather than having a turned up seem on the leg, I wanted to create a raw edge. Using my scissors, I simply cut the hem off.


Step Six

After you’ve added all of your desired rips, holes and distressing, give them a spin in the washing machine. I always find that after washing jeans that I’ve distressed, they look way better.

Before Wash



After Wash


I’m really happy with the way my jeans have turned out, and I’m also super glad that they only cost me £5!

I hope this DIY tutorial was helpful!


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