My Birthday Favourites

It was my birthday on Saturday and I turned 22! I had a super lovely day and received loads of fab presents from my family and boyfriend. To celebrate, my two sisters, their partner’s, my boyfriend and my parents had a buffet at home with some drinks. We also played Disney trivia and guess who won…. Yas, the birthday girl! (I’m a Disney trivia pro)

I love all of the presents that I received, but there are a few that I’m extra in love with. So, I thought I’d share some of my favourite pressies from this year and also let you know where you can get your hands on some of them.

Glittery Roses


I got these roses off my boyfriend and I LOVE them. I mean which girl wouldn’t want roses covered in glitter!

Studded Boots


I love studs. And these boots… I fell in love with them at first sight! I own too many pairs of black boots, so when I suggested to my boyfriend that he get me these shoes, he asked me what about them was different to all of the other black boots I own. I looked at him with some disgust and said ‘everything!’.

I’ve never really been into the clothes on Miss Pap, so I’d never given their website a proper browse. However, when I typed ‘studded boots’ into Google and these shoes came up, I was surprised to see they were on Miss Pap as I always thought it was more of a girly, night out, towie style shop.

Anyways, I ended up having a look at more items on their site, and I actually liked a lot more of the clothes and accessories than I thought I would. If you like these boots and want to add them to your wardrobe, you can get them here.

Studded Rucksack


Studs again! I’ve been after a studded rucksack for ages and I was going to customise a plain one myself, but when I saw this one, I decided to scrap the DIY idea and add this bag to my birthday pressie idea list.

This rucksack is also from Miss Pap and my boyfriend kindly bought it for me. You can get your hands on the rucksack here.

Unicorn Cap


Studs, pugs and unicorns are three of my favourite things. I saw this cap while browsing through New Look and the cute little embroidered unicorn stole my heart. I added it straight to my birthday present idea list and I was super happy to unwrap it on my birthday! Get the cap here.

Vampire Unicorn Skull Patch


I really want to buy a cardigan and cover it with patches. Me and my sister were sending each other links to cool patches and I told her how much I wanted a unicorn skull patch. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting off my sister for my birthday, so when I unwrapped this patch I was really excited.

Not only is it the best patch EVER, she actually hand made it for me! You should check out and like her Facebook, Hey Preston, where she posts about other DIY projects.

Moon Candle Sticks


These were another present from sister. They’re from an antique market and they match my bedroom perfectly! Another thing that I love is suns and moons, so my bedroom is totally filled with them. I absolutely love these candle holders and I’ll probably buy some tall gold candles to go inside of them.



I was browsing through the Avon catalogue and I love to smell all of the perfume scratch and sniff pages. I came across this perfume, Viva La Vita, and really liked the smell of it. There was an offer on where when you bought the perfume, you also got a body spray and body lotion.

I asked my mum to get me it for my birthday and I’m really glad she did because the smell of the perfume is so nice, it’s both sweet and fresh. If you’d like to give this perfume a try, you can get it off the Avon website here.

Lilac Nail Varnish


Lilac is one of my favourite colours to put on my nails, and the other day I was telling my mum how much I like the colour. On my birthday, I unwrapped an Avon nail varnish box, and when I opened it up, I thought it was really nice that she’d remembered our conversation and got me a lovely lilac nail varnish.

It’s a True Colour BB 7-in-1 nail varnish and it’s in the shade is Lilac Love. You can get it here.

Highlighter Stick


Lately I’ve really gotten into using highlighter. I usually use powder highlighter, but I wanted to try using a stick highlighter as I thought they’d be easier to apply. I saw this Maybelline one on Boots and added it to my birthday list, but I didn’t actually think my boyfriend would end up getting me it.

I’m really glad that he did buy it for me because it’s so easy to use and with just one swipe, it gives a really nice subtle glow. It’s also build-able, so if I do want a bit more of an intense glow, it’s easy enough to achieve.

It’s the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Highlighter, and mine is the shade Light 100. Get your hands on this fab highlighter here.



I’ve had a pair of ghd’s for years now, they’re pretty old and they started to rip at my hair, so I stopped using them and used my mum’s instead. She must have gotten sick of me going into her room to use them all the time, and as a very large hint, bought me a new pair of straighteners for my birthday.

These are the Remington S9600 Silk Hair Straighteners. I’d never used Remington straighteners before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say they’re really good. One of their best features is that you get to choose what temperature you want them on and they also curl my hair lovely. If you’re in need of some new straighteners, you can buy these ones here.

Well, that’s it for my birthday favourites. I was totally spoilt and appreciate everything I received!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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