Updated Review: IsaDora Nude Fluid Foundation

A few weeks ago, I did a first impression of the IsaDora Nude Fluid Foundation. I mentioned that the shade was slightly too dark for me, but over all, I quite liked the foundation.

I was buying some more mix and match samples from Feel Unique, and I saw that they had more colour options of this foundation available, so I decided to get one.

Last time, I got the shade 16 Nude Almond, whereas this time, I got a lighter one which is called 12 Nude Sand.


Since I liked the foundation when I did my first impression, I was really excited to try this new, lighter colour. However, unfortunately, my opinion of it has totally changed now.

I dotted the foundation around my face then used my beauty blender to blend the foundation out. At first, I really liked the way the foundation looked. It colour matched perfectly and gave me a nice radiant and natural appearance.


I’d been out all day and hadn’t had much time to look in the mirror for makeup checkups, and when I was in the car with my boyfriend, he asked what foundation I was wearing.

I looked in the mirror and noticed the foundation had gone a lot darker than when I had originally put it on and it had clumped up in different areas, then came off in others. Across my nose bridge and forehead looked rather patchy. Then around my mouth, the foundation had come off.

It also clung to my dry patches insane amounts!

When I used the darker shade a few weeks back, it didn’t seem to go patchy, so maybe it’s just something that happens with the lighter shades.

I’m so glad that I only got a tester of this foundation and not a full sized bottle. I will give this foundation another try and use a different primer with it, but, at this moment in time, I really don’t think I’d recommend this foundation. Especially not to those with lighter skin tones, as while wearing it, it definitely turns darker and slightly orange.

I hope this review was helpful!


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