DIY: Furry, Embroidered Laptop Case

For Halloween last year, I went as a cat. I had some leftover white fur that I used for my costume and I kept wondering what I could use it for.

Well, an idea finally sprung to mind, and I’m going to share with you, how to make a furry laptop cover.

This is a total first for me, so as you’ll see later, I did make some mistakes, but at least my mistakes mean that if you try this DIY, you won’t make them too!

What You’ll Need

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  • Fur material of choice
  • Your laptop
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Chalk
  • Wool or thick thread
  • Large eyed needle
  • Elastic or ribbon

Step One


Begin by laying out your fabric, then, place your laptop on top of it to get a rough idea of how much space you have to embroid.

Alternatively, you could flip the fabric over, so that the fur is facing downwards, place your laptop on it, then mark out the corners of your laptop onto the material using the chalk.

Also, take the width and height measurments of your laptop, you’ll need these for when you’re cutting the fur later.

Step Two


On the back of the material, take the chalk and write or draw whatever you want, this will be your guide while stitching. If you’re doing words, remember that you have to do them backwards, so that on the furry side, they’ll be the correct way around.

When I first went in with the chalk, I used green, this was a BIG mistake! Use a chalk colour thats the same, or as similar as possible to your thread. You can see in the photographs below that the green chalk stained the fur, but I’m hoping it will wear off eventually as it is just chalk.

Step Three


For the stitch, I went through the back of the material.


Then, on the fur side, went back through about 1cm up.


Then I looped back into the 1cm front stitch so that the needle was on the fur side again and continued the same thing, following my chalk guide.

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Step Four


Use the measurments of your laptop, and begin to cut away the excess fur.


Don’t start chopping straight through with the scissors, otherwise you’ll end up with short tufts of fur around the edges. You need to split the fur along the line you’re cutting, like above.


Keep using your laptop measurements to make sure that you’re not cutting it too small, or leaving it too big.

Step Five

I was originally going to use elastic for keeping the cover attached to my laptop, but instead, I chose to go for a ribbon.

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With my laptop closed, I slid the ribbon between the screen and keyboard then pulled it up around the edges. I placed some paper underneath to make sure I didn’t get glue on my laptop, then used all purpose glue to stick the ribbon to the back of the fur cover.


Line up the corner of the fur cover with the laptop, then press down gently to help it stick. Leave it for about 30 seconds, then gently remove the ribbon from betwen the laptop and take away the paper so that the ribbon doesn’t stick to it.


Step Six

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Once the glue was dry, I did a small loop stitch on either side of the ribbon, just to make sure that it wouldn’t detatch itself from the back of the fur.

Do steps seven and eight on all of the corners.


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Attach the cover to your laptop and you’re done.


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