First Impression: Fishnet Nails Using The Barry M Nail Art Pen

I went to the clothes show last year in Birmingham and received a Barry M Nail Art Pen in one of the product bags that I bought. I’ve been wanting to try it out for ages, but just never got around to actually using it – until now!


I get shaky hands when I’m trying to concentrate, so that didn’t help much, but obviously, that doesn’t have anything to do with the nail art pen. I really enjoyed using this nail product, and I would love to try it in any of the other colours they have too.

It’s super easy to use, and I love how it’s an actual felt tip pen rather than those really annoying nail art pens that you have to squeeze. I’ve had one too many experiences with those type of pens exploding all over carpets!

If you’re into doing nail art, I’d definitelyย recommend getting one of these pens, they also dry super fast which is great as it reduces the risk of smudging. One thing that I have noticed though is that you HAVE to put a clear coat of polish over the top otherwise it just scratches off.

I wanted to create just a simple statement nail, and thought a fishnet nail would look pretty cool; so not only is this a first impression, but I guess it’s a tutorial too – however, I definitely think it could be done a hell of a lot better than how I’ve done it!

What I Used


  • Barry M Nail Art Pen – Shade: Black
  • PS. Matte Top Coat
  • H&M Nail Polish – Shade: Chocolate Fudge

Step One


I painted my nails with a dark brown, as I thought it was a good colour to resemble tights.

Step Two

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Using the Barry M Nail Art Pen in black, I first created a black tip, this was to resemble the top bit of elastic on fishnet tights.

I then created diagonal lines going one way, then did the same going the other way – this created the fishnet pattern.

I also did an opposite tip, so I put black along the base of my nail to resemble the toes in fishnet tights.

Step Three


I put a matte top coat onto all of my nails.

I hope you enjoyed this first impression x tutorial!



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