Primark Haul + Try On

Primark is one of my favourite shops. They always have the latest fashions and their prices are absolute bargains compared to some stores. Yes, their clothes may not be the best quality you can get, but honestly, that doesn’t bother me at all. Because unless you’re playing rugby or something in them, their stuff lasts and it’s good enough for me!

I like to have a nosey around Primark at least once a month (usually more if I have some dollah) and the other day me and my mum had a good look around. We always leave Primark till last because it’s the store we spend the most time in and also the one we buy the most in! 😮

I didn’t buy loads of stuff this time, but I’m really happy with my purchases and I thought I would share the stuff that I bought with y’all. I always find it a little boring when people don’t do try on hauls, so I’m also going to be showing you how I styled the items that I bought.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Beauty and the Beast T-shirt


Cost: £6

I’ve loved Disney ever since I can remember. My go to board game is Disney Trivial Pursuit because it’s literally the only quiz game I win at! Anyways, I saw this top in Primark and I instantly loved it. I don’t like how a lot of Disney stuff now has been updated, the princesses look more digital and a lot of the clothing seems to come with a pointless quote or tacky text next to it… btw, I HATE stupid text on clothing that totally ruins the look of it! Gah!

Sorry, rant over, back to the t-shirt! I really liked how this tee looked more classic, and how it had no stupid text or quote. Plus, it features most of the characters on it and I just couldn’t resist putting this into my basket.

I think I bought the top in a size 12 or 14 so that it would be a bit oversized. I love oversized tees as they’re so easy to style with jeans, skirts and shorts.


For this look, I tucked the top into a high waist leather skirt then paired it with some low top baseball shoes for a casual look that you could wear for shopping, going out for dinner or even for drinks at the pub.

Hawaii Long T-shirt



Was £6 – I paid £3

I really liked this t-shirt as soon as I saw it, it has a cool retro vibe about it, plus, I really want to go to Hawaii one day so I felt like I was taking a minute step closer to the dream.

I bought this t-shirt in a size 14 or 16 (I’m not at home as I’m writing this so I can’t look at the actual sizes) then I styled it as a dress. Since it’s not actually a t-shirt dress, some denim shorts were required underneath otherwise when I bent over, it was a full on flash!


I teamed this top up with a pair of black low top baseball shoes and a cap. This is a very casual look that would be great for going shopping or doing general day stuff that one gets up to.


I also wanted to show how this top can be dressed up, simply by adding a pair of knee high boots. This is something that I would wear to go for drinks in Wetherspoons and bars. I would probably add a leather jacket to complete the look.

Long Patterned Shirt Dress



Was £13 – I paid £5

Another fab bargain! When I saw this shirt dress with a £5 price tag on I was like 😮 😮 😮 I’ve never owned something like this, but I’ve felt like it was an item I was missing from my wardrobe.

What’s great about this shirt is that not only can you wear it as a dress, you can also wear it open like a kimono. I tried it on in store and really loved the way that it looked, so I added it to my basket.


I think this shirt dress looks quite classy, and it’s so easy to style. I bought it in a size 8 and I’ve simply styled it with a western style belt and western style shoes. I wore a black body con dress underneath, and also threw on my floppy fedora to finish off the look.

Striped Long Sleeve Crop Top



Was £4 – I paid £1

One pound… only one pound. It was only £4 to begin with, but getting this cute little top for a quid is amazing! I did hum and haw whether to get it, but then I thought, it’s only a pound – if I don’t wear it very often then so what!

When I was still in my teenage years, I loved wearing crop tops, but I have grown out of them slightly now. However, I do occasionally wear them with some high waist jeans so that’s why I threw this little striped number into my basket.

When I was taking these photographs, it was honestly one of the hottest days we’ve had here in England this summer, and this top was the last item I was going to style. Like the terrible and lazy blogger I am, I was way too hot to style this top so instead, I’ll just tell you how I would have styled it.

As I said before, I like to pair crop tops with high waisted jeans, so I would have put this top with some black ripped mom jeans. For accessorises I’d have worn a plain black velvet choker and put on a pair of black Birkenstock style sandals.

Aztec Patterned Shorts


Cost: £4

I have way too many pairs of patterned shorts, but that did not stop me from putting another pair of them into my basket! I really liked the pattern on this pair and also the colours. I think loose patterned shorts like these are great for the summer because they’re super comfy and effortless.


I styled the shorts with a plain black baggy tee, a leather jacket and some slouch boots. It’s such an easy and comfortable outfit to throw on.

Orange Print Playsuit



Was £10 – I paid £5

I was in Primark around 2 or so months ago, and I saw this playsuit. I really really loved it, but I just couldn’t justify spending ten pounds on it at that moment in time. I put it back onto it’s rail and said “hopefully it will be in the sale next time I come.”

Well, guess what I see in the sale section next time I visit Primark… YUP, the playsuit! It was just thrown across the top of the sale rails, so at first I wasn’t sure whether it was actually in the sale or not. I took a hold of it and through squinted eyes and while chanting ‘please be in the sale, please be in the sale’ I turned over the price label and saw £5!

I was so happy, but when I looked at the size, it was a size 4! Me and my mum searched the rest of the rails, but we couldn’t find a size 6 or 8 anywhere 😦 there were only three size 4 ones left. I tried the size 4 one on, and it did actually fit perfectly, so again, I tossed it into my basket!


I think this playsuit is so cute. I usually stick to wearing monochrome colours, but during the summer, I like to add a bit of colour every now and then. It has a super nice tie front feature and I’m so glad that it was in the sale and still available!

It’s an outfit on its own, so all I did was pair it up with some sunny gees and a pair of tan sandals.



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