Chuu -5kg Jeans: Do they make me look slimmer?

I spend a lot of my free time watching Youtube, and three Youtubers that I watch, kimdao, sunnydahye and joanday have shown these jeans, called -5kg, during fashion hauls.

They’re by a Korean fashion brand called Chuu, and as the name implies, the jeans are meant to make you look 5kg less when you wear them.

All three of the Youtube girls talked about how much they liked these jeans and how they have multiple pairs in different colours. They all said that they felt slimmer in the jeans, so I became really curious and decided to purchase a pair myself!

I bought the jeans from an online store called YesStyle, they sell a lot of Asian fashion from different brands. I read a lot of the reviews on the site before I bought them, and they were all very positive, which made me feel more comfortable about purchasing them. The -5kg jeans only cost me £19.17 plus delivery which was £3.89, which I didn’t think was a bad price to pay for a pair of decent jeans. Also, I knew I could always send them back if they arrived and I hated them.

Going off the reviews, many people suggested sizing up, so that’s exactly what I did. I usually would have gone for a size 26, but instead chose to purchase a size 27. They do have a size guide as well, so after looking at that, and comparing the measurements to my own, I felt it was better to be safe with a 27 and they be a little too big than going for a 26 and end up with them arriving too small.

The jeans were shipped from China, so they took just over a week to arrive. For my first impression, they came in perfect condition and looked exactly like the jeans I had ordered. I tried them on, and they were a little too big around the waist, so a size 26 would have been better, however, on the thighs, the jeans feel perfect, so a size 26 could have been a bit tight there.

I have taken in the waist of the jeans because I really liked the look of them when they were on, and I couldn’t be bothered to swap them for a size 26 with the possibility that they could be too tight on my legs.

Chuu -5kg VS H&M & Rockn Rev

So, compared to other skinny jeans that I own, do they actually make my legs look -5kg? I decided to compare the Chuu jeans with two other pairs of dark jeans that I own.

Chuu -5kg




Rockn Rev





Personally, I don’t think these jeans make my legs look any slimmer than the other two pairs of jeans do. Other than the fact they don’t really do what they claim, they’re still a really nice pair of jeans. They’re really good quality, comfy and fit nice. They are a teeny bit short, but I expected that as I’m 5ft6 and Korean women tend to be smaller in height and technically, that’s who they’re made to suit. I would definitely buy more of these jeans purely because the quality of them is fab.


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