Get To Know Me

Hey there, my name’s Helen and welcome to my blog, La Petite Preston! 

As a child, I loved to play with makeup, do people’s hair, and put together outfits. Butterfly clips were all the rage when I was a kid so whichever unlucky soul (usually my mum) I could get my hands on, they’d end up with thirty plus clips dragging their hair off their face…

I was also a fantastic fashion connoisseur… My mum would spend ages getting me dressed in pretty matching outfits and just before we were about to leave the house, I would run upstairs and change into the some of the most non matching outfits ever! Green patterned pedal pushers, a purple butterfly top, and a baby pink fur bolero were just a few of my favourite clothing items.

Now in my twenties, my passion hasn’t changed, but hopefully, my style and makeup/hair abilities have improved significantly! On this blog, I’m mostly going to focus on fashion and beauty, however, I also want La Petite Preston to be a personal place where I can write and post about other things that interest me.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my blog just as much as I do working on it!