Selling Chokers On Depop

I’m writing this post to introduce you to my new business, shy.thistle. What does shy.thistle sell? I hand make chokers using both upcycled and new jewellery. Many of the pendants that I use have been bought from second-hand markets, charity shops or they’ve been given to me by family and friends. This means that majority… Continue reading Selling Chokers On Depop

DIY: Furry, Embroidered Laptop Case

For Halloween last year, I went as a cat. I had some leftover white fur that I used for my costume and IΒ kept wondering what I could use it for. Well, an idea finally sprung to mind, and I’m going to share with you, how to make a furry laptop cover. This is a total… Continue reading DIY: Furry, Embroidered Laptop Case