DIY Dried Flower Nail Tutorial

On one of my first blog posts, I attempted nail art for the first time. I tried to draw little flowers on my ring fingers, and they turned out alright, but this time, I thought I would go one up and use actual flowers. I was on a dog walk with my boyfriend, and there… Continue reading DIY Dried Flower Nail Tutorial

DIY: Furry, Embroidered Laptop Case

For Halloween last year, I went as a cat. I had some leftover white fur that I used for my costume and I kept wondering what I could use it for. Well, an idea finally sprung to mind, and I’m going to share with you, how to make a furry laptop cover. This is a total… Continue reading DIY: Furry, Embroidered Laptop Case

Bralette Tutorial

I’ve always wanted to try making a bralette, so the other day, I decided to give it a go. I was going through my wardrobe, getting rid of some clothes and I came across a black velvet skater dress that I didn’t want anymore. The material was slightly stretchy, so I thought it would be… Continue reading Bralette Tutorial